April 24, 2014

Dr. Jennifer Hayes in the Media

Dr. Hayes was featured in a segment regarding the g-shot on Tampa Bay’s 10Connects.

The G-spot shot

Clearwater, Florida - If someone told you they could give you a shot to improve your sex life, would you take it?

Thousands of women all over the United States are having collagen injected into a highly sensitive, hidden body part that most men and some women can't even find.

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ABC Action News: Less invasive surgery for women means less pain and downtime

CLEARWATER, FL -- Many women who suffer pain due to female health issues put off surgery due to the fear of invasive procedures or the lack of proper recovery time. A local physician is now offering minimally invasive surgery to her patients that may mean less pain, and less down time. Doctors are using a robot and 3-d technology and the results are a quicker return to normal for women in our area.

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Interview with Bay News 9 on Cervical Health Awareness Month

Gynecologist, Dr. Jennifer Hayes says 11 percent of women admit they don't get regular Pap smears. Dr. Hayes reminds this helps screen for cervical changes and cervical cancer.

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